top disabilities in missouri

What Are the Top Disabilities in Missouri?

Americans with disabilities make up a substantial minority in the United States, accounting for a fifth of the population and more than half of those over the age of eighty. The United States and its connection with its disabled people have a complicated history, with significant progress made in the last century to better impaired persons’ lives through law that provides protections and benefits. The Americans with Disabilities Act, for example, is a comprehensive anti-discrimination regulation that strives to protect Americans with disabilities in public places and the workplace. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, 27.2% of people had a disability in 2014. Around 17.6% had a severe disability. Various conditions and injuries can cause disabilities.1 

In the state of Missouri, the amount of money spent on disability programs have been enormous with About $17.8 BILLION per year, or up to 39% of the state’s healthcare spending. Furthermore, $15,359 is being spent per person with a disability.  


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    According to the CDC statistics data, about 1,480,071 adults in Missouri have a disability. This makes up for 30% of the population or succinctly put, 1 in 3 adults suffer from a disability. I will now list the top disabilities in the state of Missouri. They include; 

    • Mobility: Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs. In Missouri, this is the highest type of functional disability, accounting for 14% of the population. 
    • Cognition: Serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions. This is also a more common type of disability in the state of Missouri with a percentage index of 13%. 
    • Independent living: Serious difficulty doing errands alone, such as visiting a doctor’s office. This is mostly suffered by the elderly which generally covers a lot of the American population. However, in Missouri, the population of citizens with this disability is indexed at 8%. 
    • Hearing: Deafness or serious difficulty hearing. 8% of the citizens in Missouri have difficulty in hearing and that amounts to a top disability in the state. 
    • Vision: Blind or serious difficulty seeing, even when wearing glasses. Vision impairment can be manifest in so many ways. The number of people with this disability accounts for 5% of the population. 
    • Self-care: Difficulty dressing or bathing. This is also another disability suffered by mostly the elderly citizens in the state of Missouri. It accounts for 4% of the population. 

    Studies have shown that adults with these disabilities in the state of Missouri have shown the tendency to experience some health disparities which include; obesity, smoking, diabetes and heart diseases.

    If you need help applying for social security disability, having a St. Louis disability attorney on your side can greatly improve your chances of being approved.

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