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Can I Apply for Disability in Missouri if I have a job?

Going to work every day isn’t always fun, but it’s a necessity of life for most of us. Another fact of life is that people fall victim to accidents or get sick enough not to work reliably anymore. People might be trying to power through their jobs, though working at a lower capacity. The question, ‘Can I apply for disability in Missouri if I have a job,’ is a common one. By definition, if a person can work, they are almost certainly going to be denied disability benefits. 

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) exists to help people have some kind of income while they recover if they can return to work at all. Let’s take a look at a few things you might need to know.


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    Do I have to quit my job before getting SSDI benefits?

    The average disability case can take nearly two years to complete. Losing a steady income for that long would be financially devastating for a lot of people. People going through the SSDI application process will not get very far if they are working and earning more than the federal limit of $1,310 per month, which comes out to be a little more than $300 per week. However, it may be possible for someone to reduce their hours at work so their income is below the limit and continue the SSDI application process.

    Working After Getting Disability Information

    People might not be able to keep their full-time hours and qualify for disability benefits, but that does not necessarily mean the end of working altogether. A person could be deemed disabled and eligible for benefits while working. However, that person’s monthly gross income cannot exceed the $1,310 limit. Working while applying for disability or working after a disability determination for benefits is made could qualify as an unsuccessful work attempt.

    Employment after a disability determination could be classified as an unsuccessful work attempt (UWA) if the person cannot continue after six months because of their approved disability. A period of employment could be considered a UWA if:

    • They have to stop working again because of the impairment.
    • Forced to change jobs because of the impairment.
    • Accommodations allowing them to work were removed.

    Filing for SSDI benefits is a challenging process. There are many pitfalls that can trap an applicant, either getting their claim denied or requiring them to start over from the beginning. Make an appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys today.

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